Your Neighbourhood Cafe

Providing High-Class homely food at affordable prices

Angiie’s Cafe was started when we noticed that the students of colleges nearby were struggling to get wholesome and affordable food. With the health of this student community in mind we decided that “what we eat at home is what we will feed them” .


Mon - Sun | 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Our Menu

We serve what we eat

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We handsmash all our burgers to lock in flavor, then serve them up on a delicious, toasted brioche bun.

From ₹120


Each dish focuses on creating a balance between three aspects - appearance, aroma, and taste.

From ₹150

South Indian

Our dishes are tasty and healthy, we do not reuse our oil.

From ₹180


Our soft noodles with vegetables, egg and cheese are mouth watering.

From ₹110


Our milkshake flavours are unique, try them to believe.

From ₹130

Authentic English Taste

Angiie's English Breakfast

Kick Start your day with some English Flavours

Bread | Eggs | Sausages | Bacon Baked Beans | Mashed Potato | Juice

The cold coffee is simply heaven. Very very yummy and the pasta was very tasty too…. The uncle and aunty that own the place are very awesome
pooja sharma
pooja sharma
Great place to chill with friends for hours. The food tastes amazing too. The owners are really friendly people as well
Naren Bobbili
Naren Bobbili
Good place to have a calm and cosy tea with your partner. As this cafe is not on main road so you won’t have to bother about the sound of vehicles and dust. Good for evening hangout.
anita bagri
anita bagri
mostbet saytida hozir o‘ynang. Bu yerda sizga yoqadi!